I think that the relationship between Southeast Georgia Health System and the STAR Foundation has been very positive. We are always looking for well-qualified, trained individuals to join our team, and STAR Foundation has risen to the occasion with its recommendations. To date, we have employed several graduates and to date have had success with each and every one of those individuals. So we consider our relationship with the STAR Foundation a huge success for both organizations.

Gary Colberg
Gary Colberg, FACHE
Former President & CEO
Southeast Georgia Health System

“The STAR Foundation: a 501(c)(3) nonprofit job readiness and computer skills training program”

Our Vision: Educating Brighter Futures

Our Mission: STAR helps end generational poverty in our community by teaching skills needed to enter the workforce and succeed

We start with the basic computer skills needed for success in most work environments. From there, the students learn communication, conflict resolution, problem solving and customer service skills to equip them to remain at a job as a valued employee.

Finally, we teach students how to manage their money from creating a budget, banking basics (checking and saving accounts) and the necessity of saving.

90% of STAR program participants live at or below the poverty line when they are admitted to the program.

We want to work with people who are ready for a life-changing experience! Students learn computer basics, financial management and work readiness skills with the goal of finding employment upon graduation. All we ask is an 8-week commitment to do your best!

To participate please call 912-554-0540 to register or download the registration form. A new class begins every quarter. Prior registration is required.

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Community Need

  • Nationally between 2000 and 2012, the number of people in Georgia living below the poverty line increased by 85% or by 849,513 people. (source: US Census Publication)
  • According to US Census figures in 2010, Georgia’s poverty rate is the 3rd highest in the nation.
  • The poverty rate for Glynn County is 16.8% which affects 1 in 3 children.
  • The official poverty line for a household of three (one parent and two children) is $19,530. A person working full time at minimum wage makes only $14,645 annually which is 12% below poverty.
  • Upon entrance to the STAR program, our participants’ average income is $4,922.
  • Through education, encouragement and empowerment, our students HOPE. BELIEVE. GROW. SUCCEED in work and in life.